Marker Overview
Marker TypeSNP
OrganismArachis spp. (multiple peanut species)
Source Description
Primer1 Sequence
Primer2 Sequence
Primer3 Sequence
Genetic Map(s)This marker has not been placed on any genetic maps
Publication(s)Primary: Leal-Bertioli, Moretzsohn et al., 2016a
CommentsThe same PCR amplification pattern for Arachis stenosperma, A. duranensis, and (A. gregoryi x A. stenosperma)4x was not equivalent to the identical one exhibited by (A. batizocoi x A. stenosperma)4x, A. hypogaea, and A. monticola. DS_c14276_456_A09_115161052_Rev is an allele flanking reverse primer, DS_c14276_456_A09_115161052_Fwd_VIC is an allele-specific forward primer that detects SNP allele A, and DS_c14276_456_A09_115161052_Fwd_FAM is an allele-specific forward primer that detects SNP allele C. The SNP is specifically a Single Nucleotide Polymorphism Kompetitive Allele Specific Polymerase Chain Reaction (SNP-KASP) marker. This marker is associated with the A. stenosperma-derived Root Knot Nematode resistance locus on linkage group A09 and was validated in a tetraploid context. DS_c14276_456_A09_115161052 was developed using information taken from the A. duranensis genome sequence.
Marker Positions
Physical position(s)physical position unknown
Map Position(s)This marker is not placed on any map.