Map NameAA_A.duranensis_x_A.stenosperma_d
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Publication Map NameA. duranensis K7988_x_A. stenosperma V10309 A-genome F6 genetic map
Map UnitscM
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SpeciesArachis duranensis, Arachis stenosperma
Mapping populationAA_A.duranensis_x_A.stenosperma_d
Parent 1K7988
Parent 2V10309
Population Size93
Population TypeF6 RIL
MethodsMapMaker Macintosh (v. 2.0)
DescriptionThis A-genome diploid mapping population of F6 RILs (recombinant inbred lines) was produced from a cross of Arachis duranensis 'K7988' (female ovule parent) with Arachis stenosperma 'V10309' (male pollen parent). The 93-member F6 RIL population was derived from an F2 population by single-seed descent. First, an initial saturated genetic linkage map was created using 1404 polymorphic markers and the program JoinMap (v. 4.0). This saturated map had 10 linkage groups and spanned a total distance of 490.4 cM; it contained 1108 total marker loci that comprised 528 microsatellites, 511 SNPs, 56 anchor markers, and 13 RGA (resistance gene analog) markers. The map exhibited several genomic regions that lacked recombination among numerous functionally identical markers. A framework map was then developed using the program MapMaker Macintosh (v. 2.0). The revised map was built with the independently segregating loci that remained after discarding all but one of the loci per group of cosegregating markers, as well as 296 markers that had not been incorporated into the saturated map. This framework map has 10 linkage groups that were named in a manner consistent with the numbering used for the F2 map of this same population (Moretzsohn, Leoi et al., 2005a). The map extends a total distance of 1004.1 cM and it is composed of 502 total marker loci. Among the loci there are 316 SNPs, 96 microsatellites, 72 anchor markers, 17 RGA markers, and 1 morphological marker for flower color. The linkage groups range in size from 81.7 cM (48 markers) to 126.8 cM (68 markers) and the average inter-marker gap distance is 2.0 cM.
PublicationLeal-Bertioli, Moretzsohn et al., 2016a: Genetic Mapping of Resistance to Meloidogyne arenaria in Arachis stenosperma: A New Source of Nematode Resistance for Peanut.