Map NameTT_TG26_x_GPBD4_b
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Publication Map NameTG26_x_GPBD4
Map UnitscM
Map viewCMap, cmap-js
SpeciesArachis spp.
Mapping populationTT_TG26_x_GPBD4_b
Parent 1TG 26
Parent 2GPBD 4
Population Size146
Population TypeF9:10
MethodsMapMaker Macintosh (v. 3.0)
DescriptionA mapping population of 146 recombinant inbred lines (RILs) of the F9:10 generation derived from the cross of 'TG 26' with 'GPBD 4' were used to create a partial genetic linkage map composed of 45 SSR marker loci on 8 linkage groups. The total map distance is 657.90 cM and the average inter-marker distance is 14.62 cM. Linkage group lengths vary from 29.0 to 145.3 cM and the number of marker loci per linkage group ranges from 4 to 8.
PublicationSarvamangala, Gowda et al., 2011a: Identification of Quantitative Trait Loci for Protein Content, Oil Content and Oil Quality for Groundnut (Arachis hypogaea L.).
CommentThe F9:10 population of 146 recombinant inbred lines (RILs) was developed from a cross of the peanut cultivars 'TG 26' with 'GPBD 4'. The F2 generation was progressed to the F9:10 by single seed descent. The authors screened 1043 SSR markers obtained from published sources on the parents and found 53 of the markers to be polymorphic. The 53 polymorphic SSR markers were then used to genotype the RIL population and 45 of those markers were located on the genetic linkage map.
Map Features
This map contains 8 linkage groups:
Feature Namelink outStartEnd
TT_TG26_x_GPBD4_b-LG01cmap-js0 cM145.3 cM
TT_TG26_x_GPBD4_b-LG02cmap-js0 cM83.7 cM
TT_TG26_x_GPBD4_b-LG03cmap-js0 cM84.1 cM
TT_TG26_x_GPBD4_b-LG04cmap-js0 cM93.4 cM
TT_TG26_x_GPBD4_b-LG05cmap-js0 cM29 cM
TT_TG26_x_GPBD4_b-LG06cmap-js0 cM46.4 cM
TT_TG26_x_GPBD4_b-LG07cmap-js0 cM139.9 cM
TT_TG26_x_GPBD4_b-LG08cmap-js0 cM36.1 cM