• African Breeding Lines data in PeanutBase gigwa instance: The PIL African Breeding Lines genotyping data are now in the PeanutBase GIGWA instance. The data files can be downloaded from our DataStore too.
  • (New) Genotype Comparison Visualization Tool, GCViT: It is a tool for whole genome visualization of resequencing or SNP array data. GCViT allows a user to compare two or more accessions and visually identify regions of similarity and difference across the genome.
    It is capable of multiple chromosome visualisation for the comparison of multiple accessions from a single dataset. It extracts information from VCF file and does a parallel comparison between two or more lines within that VCF file plotting the location of these differences on the chromosome for visualization. One can, for example, plot the differences between progeny and its parents to identify which regions are inherited from which parents. (More information and a video tutorial about GCViT is at GitHub and SoyBase)

         We need your feedback on the usage of this tool and will appreciate it if you could let us know about your experience via Contact us.