May 2014
Sequence search feature is now available at PeanutBase via BLAST and BLAT utilities. You can search your sequence against Arachis duranensis (assembly ver 1.0) or Arachis ipaensis (assembly ver 1.0) in the ARACHIS BLAST page (the general purpose NCBI BLAST sequence search utility appropriate for genomic sequences).
you can use the BLAT alignment tool via the GBrowse pages for Arachis duranensis and Arachis ipaenensis. The BLAT alignment is recommended for aligning cDNA sequences against the corresponding assembly sequence.

The steps for BLAT alignment are (at the GBrowse page):

1. Select "Find Blat Alignment" in the drop-down menu for Configure.
2. Click "Configure"
3. In the "Find Blat Alignment" section that opens, enter your
(single) sequence in the "Input Sequence to Align" box
4. Click "Find"

If a single hit is found, a new track called "BLAT" will be created in the genome browser with your aligned sequence. If multiple hits are found, you'll have to select one from a list of locations.

If you have questions or need further assistance please contact us.