May 2014
We have made available the genome assemblies in a single 80 column multi-FASTA file, one for each diploid genome. These files contain the 10 pseudomolecule sequences in a 80 column format with the scaffold sequences concatenated (after ordering and orienting) and separated by spacer sequences of 10,000 "n"s. This format is compatible with some programs like IGV which requires the sequence lines be of equal width. They are availble via our Genomes (assembly) page and labeled in the corresponding dipoid pages as follows:

Aradu_v1.0.fa.gz       01-May-2014 14:26       251M       Pseudomolecules, one file

Araip_v1.0.fa.gz       01-May-2014 14:36       338M       Pseudomolecules, one file