(Nov 2014) Diploid gene models and markers in genome browser, New sequence search utility, reorganization of menu & site and more QTL data ... ... ...

  • Gene models are now available - both as genome browser tracks for the sequenced wild peanut species A. duranensis and A. ipaenensis - and for download. Two gene model sets are available: predicted using the MAKER and GLEAN software, respectively. The Peanut Genome Consortium will be using the MAKER models as the primary set for analysis and description of the genes in these species.
  • Molecular markers from several mapping studies are available as genome browser tracks for A. duranensis and A. ipaenensis.
  • A new keyword search utility has been added to facilitate searching for sequence features, such as gene IDs/names, words in annotation, etc.
  • Many changes in the navigation and in the home page layout. Please let us know if you have questions or suggestions.
  • New QTL data sets have been added, covering a range of important traits: seed characteristics, and fungal and nematode resistance.
  • New data submission templates for QTL studies. We would love to work with you if you have such data - published or in process - that you would like to incorporate into PeanutBase!