Project NameAgarwal, Clevenger et al., 2018a exp2
Disease severity measurements for Early leaf spot resistance were taken in August 2009. The experiment and resistance evaluations were completed in the field with no controlled inoculation of the pathogen.
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QTL Experiment
Project Comment'The study utilized a randomized complete block design with three replications for each of the eight plantings (2009, 2010, April 2011, May 2011, April 2012, May 2012, April 2013, May 2013). The geolocation describes one of three months during the growing season (July, August, or September) when the researchers assessed disease severity ratings in the field.'
2018Agarwal G, Clevenger J, Pandey MK, Wang H, Shasidhar Y, Chu Y, Fountain JC, Choudhary D, Culbreath AK, Liu X, Huang G, Wang X, Deshmukh R, Holbrook CC, Bertioli DJ, Ozias-Akins P, Jackson SA, Varshney RK, Guo B. (2018). High-Density Genetic Map Using Whole-Genome Resequencing for Fine Mapping and Candidate Gene Discovery for Disease Resistance in Peanut. Plant Biotechnology Journal. NULL:NULL NULL