Project NameArachis hypogaea cv. Tifrunner genome sequence
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Project typegenome assembly
Project descriptionGenome assembly for Arachis hypogaea cultivar Tifrunner. A total of 48.25x of PACBIO sequence (avg. read length of 11,525) was used to generate the initial MECAT assembly, which was subsequently polished using ARROW. Synteny with the diploid A. duranensis and A. ipaensis, along with 1 genetic map and 2 synthetic maps (provided by David Bertioli) were used to identify misjoins in the raw assembly. A total of 856 breaks were identified. The broken assembly was then scaffolded using HiC data by Rajeev Varshney. Post scaffolding, 6 additional breaks were made to resolve misjoins introduced during the scaffolding procedure. Seven tetrasomic regions were identified and duplicated, as described in the original README file. Additionally, homozygous SNPs and INDELs were corrected in the release sequence using ~40x of illumina reads (2x250, 800bp insert, library ID ICIH and ICID). See the original README file for additional details.
Release date12/25/2017
FundingThe Peanut Foundatino
ConsortiumThe International Peanut Genome Initiative
Consortium URLhttps://peanutbase.org/IPGI
Data providerThe International Peanut Genome Initiative; lead assembly group Jeremy Schmutz, Jerry Jenkins, Jane Grimwood; project leads David Bertioli; Soraya Bertioli; Brian Schleffler; Scott Jackson; Peggy Ozias-Akins
Submitting organizationThe International Peanut Genome Initiative
Submitting organization URLhttps://PeanutBase.org/IPGI
Investigation typeeucaryote
Project PIScott Jackson
ContributorsBertioli DJ, Jenkins J, Clevenger J, Dudchenko O, Gao D, Seijo G, Leal-Bertioli SCM, Ren L, Farmer AD, Pandey MK, Samoluk SS, Abernathy B, Agarwal G, Ballen-Taborda C, Cameron C, Campbell J, Chavarro C, Chitikineni A, Chu Y, Dash S, El Baidouri M, Guo B, Huang W, Kim KD, Korani W, Lanciano S, Lui CG, Mirouze M, Moretzsohn MC, Pham M, Shin JH, Shirasawa K, Sinharoy S, Sreedasyam A, Weeks NT, Zhang X2, Zheng Z, Sun Z, Froenicke L, Aiden EL, Michelmore R, Varshney RK, Holbrook CC, Cannon EKS, Scheffler BE, Grimwood J, Ozias-Akins P, Cannon SB, Jackson SA, Schmutz J
Project start date2016
Estimated size1.56Gb
Source mat idacc:K30076;source:(Active Germplasm Bank of Embrapa Genetic Resources and Biotechnology;