Stock NamePI 601819
Other Name(s)TAMRUN 96, Tx 896100
Stock typeAccession
Market typePEANUTS
OrganismArachis hypogaea (Cultivated peanut)
GRIN Global accessionPI 601819
Geographic locationGIS
DescriptionRunner-type with partial resistance to tomato spotted wilt virus, southern stem rot (Sclerotium rolfsii) and pod rot (Pythium myriotylum). Prostrate growth similar to Florunner but lateral branch terminals more lifted and main stem less prominent. Flowers seldom on main stem, fruiting irregular on alternate nodes, sometimes near sequential. Pods mostly two-seeded with moderate constriction, slight beaks, and moderate reticulation. Tan testae. Pod and seed length and width 3-4% larger and 100-seed weight 5% heavier than Florunner.