Stock NamePI 268956
Other Name(s)AB80, 48-15A
Stock typeAccession
Market typePEANUTS
OrganismArachis hypogaea (Cultivated peanut)
GRIN Global accessionPI 268956
Geographic locationGIS
CollectionUS collection - African origin
PEANUT.BLEDSOE.20042004 cultivated peanut increase at the Bledsoe Farm, Pike County
HABITHABIT=3 (Spreading and bunch)
LEAFSPOTLEAFSPOT=1 (Very highly resistant (immune))
PEANUT.CORE.COLLECTION.SELECTIONThe U.S. germplasm collection for cultivated peanut, Arachis hypogaea L. contains a great amount of genetic diversity. The development of a core collection for peanut provides a subset of accessions that are representative of the entire collection and that, could be extensively examined. In order to select a core collection for peanut, the peanut germplasm collection was stratified by country of origin and by the amount of available morphological data. When information was available for at least four of the same morphological variables for at least 16 accessions from the same country of origin, then the data for these accessions were analyzed using multivariate statistical analysis. Results allowed the accessions to be clustered into groups which, theoretically, are genetically similar. Random sampling was then used to select about 10% from each group. Accessions with inadequate data for multivariate analysis were selected using a 10% random sample from each country of origin. Accessions from countries having few (<=5) entries in the collection were pooled and a 10% random sample was selected. The resulting 831 accessions form a core collection for peanut. Examination of data for six phenotypic traits indicated that the genetic variation expressed for each trait in the entire collection has been preserved in the selected core collection. The complete list of accessions used by Holbrook et al to select the peanut core may be viewed or downloaded as an Excel file: Selection of a Peanut Core Collection. Additional information about the traits evaluated, as well as material and methods, is available as an Acrobat file (pdf) The Peanut Mini Core study/evaluation consisting of 112 accessions may be viewed at PEANUT.MINI.CORE
CORESETCORESET=5 (Set 5 accessions with data for all six morphological variables from each of two countries, brazil and zambia)
S9.PEANUTContains data taken at the Southern RPIS in Griffin, GA. The information presented under this environment represents data which has been recorded over several years at the Southern Regional Plant Introduction Station. No one specific environment exists for the data.
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