Stock NamePI 641767
Other Name(s)GEORGIA-05E
Stock typeAccession
Market typePEANUTS
OrganismArachis hypogaea (Cultivated peanut)
GRIN Global accessionPI 641767
Geographic locationGIS
DescriptionSignificantly lower in total disease incidence (26 v 34%), higher in yield (4660 v. 4135 kg ha-1), better in total sound mature kernel (TSMK) grade 76 v 73%), larger in percentage (50 v 41%) of extra large kernels (ELK), and greater in dollar value return (2051 v. 1656 $ ha-1) when compared to another high-oleic virginia-type cultivar, Georgia Hi-O/L. When planted early for greater disease pressure, found to be significantly lower in TSWV disease incidence and significantly higher in yeild, TSMK grade, and dollar value returns per hectare compared to other non high-oleic virginia-type cultivars, Perry, Gregory, NC-V 11 and Wilson. Has shown TSWV and leafspot resistance comparable to some of the more disease resistant runner-type cultivars when grown without any pesticide during 2003 -2004. Has shown moderate insect resistance to potato leafhopper. Higher percentage of ELK compared to other virginia-type cultivars. Similar to NC 7 in oil content, blanchability and roasted flavor. Has runner growth habit, late maturity (2-3 wk later than other virginia-types in southern Georgia) and a tan testa color. Has a lower O/L ratio (about 35.1) compared to the very high oleic Georgia Hi-O/L (about 40:1) but does have significantly higher O/L ratio (35.0 v 3.7) and lower iodine value (72 v 86) compared to mid-oleic cultivar NC 7.