Stock NamePI 642026
Other Name(s)BRANTLEY, N00090ol
Stock typeAccession
Market typePEANUTS
OrganismArachis hypogaea (Cultivated peanut)
GRIN Global accessionPI 642026
Geographic locationGIS
DescriptionLarge-seeded virginia-type peanut cultivar with high oleic acid content in its seed oil, essentially derived from the NC 7 cultivar. Possesses alternate branching pattern, intermediate runner growth habit, medium green foliage, large seeds with tan testa averaging 895 mg seed 1, approximately 65% jumbo pods and 24% fancy pods, and extra large kernel content of approximately 50%. Because it was essentially derived from NC 7 by backcrossing, most characteristics of Brantley are comparable with those of NC 7. Brantley is susceptible to early leafspot caused by Cercospora arachidicola, to Cylindrocladium black rot caused by C. parasiticum, to Sclerotinia blight caused by S. minor, and to tomato spotted wilt caused by tomato spotted wilt virus. Has high-oleic oil chemistry. The high-oleic trait produces an array of changes in the fatty acid composition of peanut oil compared with normal-oleic NC 7, most notably the elevation of oleic acid content (79.1 vs. 55.9%, P<0.05), and the reduction of linoleic acid content (4.3 vs. 25.1%, P<0.05) and palmitic acid content (5.7 vs. 8.8%, P<0.05).