Stock NamePI 644220
Other Name(s)GEORGIA-06G
Stock typeAccession
Market typePEANUTS
OrganismArachis hypogaea (Cultivated peanut)
GRIN Global accessionPI 644220
Geographic locationGIS
DescriptionDuring 2003-2005 in 16 multilocation Georgia tests planted in mid-May and 8 multilocation Georgia tests planted earlier in mid-April, Georgia-06G was lowest in TSWV and total disease resistance, highest in yield, grade, and dollar value return per hectare when compared to other runner-type peanut cultivars. When tested in the 2004 Uniform Peanut Performance Tests (UPPT), Georgia-06G was found to have the highest pod yield (5648 kg ha-1) and highest total sound mature kernel (TSMK) grade at 78% averaged across all UPPT locations. Has shown very good performance stability and a wide-range of adaptability throughout the major peanut production areas of the U.S. Similar to Georgia Green above-ground in having an intermediate or decumbent runner growth habit and medium maturity. Has darker green foliate and tan testa color. 2003-2005 shelling outturns resulted in Georgia-06G having higher percentage of jumbo runner seed than Georgia Green (41 vs. 18%, P<0.05) but fewer midium size seed (23 vs. 40%, P.<0.05) and No. 1 seed (4 vs. 8%, P<0.05). Similar to Georgia Green in blanchability, protein content, oil content, and roasted flavor. Oleic (O) to linoleic (L) fatty acid ratio and iodine values are slightly higher (2.4 vs. 1.9 and 90 vs. 94, respectively) for Georgia-06G compared to Georgia Green, but neither are high-oleic cultivars.