Stock NamePI 666112
Other Name(s)Sugg
Stock typeAccession
Market typePEANUTS
OrganismArachis hypogaea (Cultivated peanut)
GRIN Global accessionPI 666112
Geographic locationGIS
DescriptionSugg is a Virginia-type peanut breeding line selected as part of a program to develop cultivars with multiple disease resistance. This program was funded by grower check-off dollars from the National Peanut Board and the North Carolina Peanut Growers Association. Additional support for the project came from the North Carolina Crop Improvement Association, the North Carolina Foundation Seed Producers, Inc., and the Peanut Foundation. Sugg has alternate branching pattern, intermediate runner growth habit, medium green foliage, approximately 44% jumbo pods and 44% fancy pods (on a cleaned, unshelled basis), seeds with pink testa averaging 886 mg/seed, and extra large kernel content of approximately 48%. Sugg is partially resistant to the four most common diseases in the Virginia-Carolina peanut production area: early leafspot caused by Cercospora arachidicola Hori, Cylindrocladium black rot (CBR) caused by C. parasiticum Crouse & Wingfield, Sclerotinia blight (SB) caused by S. minor Jagger, and tomato spotted wilt virus (TSWV).