Stock NamePI 669508
Other Name(s)Schubert
Stock typeAccession
Market typePEANUTS
OrganismArachis hypogaea (Cultivated peanut)
GRIN Global accessionPI 669508
Geographic locationGIS
DescriptionBotanical Characteristics. Schubert is a Spanish peanut. with erect growth habit and flowers present on the mainstem.\n\nAgronomic Traits. Schubert was significantly more mature than both check cultivars in all four years of testing. Across years,\nSchubert had 69.0% mature pods, with maturity greater than Tamspan 90 (51.9% mature pods) and Olin (42.5%). Yield testing revealed that Schubert out yielded OLin in all trials in 2008 to 2010, with annual mean differences ranging from 203 to 1152 kg/ha.\n\nSeed and Pod Characteristics Yield Under Disease-Free Conditions. Schubert had a mean oleic:linoleic fatty acid ratio of 17.5:1\n(based on mean of seed OIL ratios), with an oleic acid percentage of 77.6% of total oil, and linoleic acid percentage of 4.4%. A blanching test demonstrated that the percentage of blanched peanuts was 85% for both OLin and Schubert. Mean seed size of\nSchubert was 51.8 gl100 SMK, and was significantly larger than OLin (50.2) and Tamspan 90 (48.1 gl100 SMK). Schubert had improved shellout compared to Olin, with a turnout of total sound mature kernels of 70.7%, compared to 68.5% for Olin. Schubert had the highest percentage of mediums (46.3%) among all entries, and a proportion of extra large kernels (12.3%) intermediate between Olin and Tamspan 90.\n\nDisease-resistance and Yield under Sclerotinia Blight Conditions.\nTrials were conducted in the Sclerotinia nursery in Stephenville in 2007 and 2008, and results indicated that Schubert (mean disease incidence of 3.8) possessed resistance similar to the resistant check cultivar Tamspan 90 (4.4). Schubert was not consistently different in yield or shellout from Olin, Tamspan 90, or the other experimental lines.\n