Stock NamePI 670132
Other Name(s)ARSOK-S1, TX996784
Stock typeAccession
Market typePEANUTS
OrganismArachis hypogaea (Cultivated peanut)
GRIN Global accessionPI 670132
Geographic locationGIS
DescriptionARSOK-S1 (TX996784)is a high oleic spanish-type peanut (Arachis hypogaea L. subsp. vulgaris) that has enhanced Sclerotinia blight and pod rot tolerance. The purpose for releasing ARSOK-S1 (TX996784) is to provide peanut breeding programs a new source of disease resistance already incorporated into cultivated peanut. Resistance to Sclerotinia blight (compared to currently grown high oleic Spanish varieties OLin and Tamnut OL06) is significant, with ARSOK-S1 having 75% less incidence. ARSOK-S1 also demonstrates pod rot resistance up to 50% less than other Spanish lines in the same tests. Yield and grade of ARSOK-S1 are comparable to other high oleic Spanish cultivars currently grown in the U.S. The plants of ARSOK-S1 are typical of a Spanish-type peanut, having an erect growth habit and vine size and color similar to Tamspan 90. The main stem height of mature plants of ARSOK-S1 averaged 55.0 cm which was not significantly different than Tamspan 90 or OLin. Leaflet length of ARSOK-S1 averaged 63.3 mm which was similar to Tamspan 90 at 62.0 mm but significantly longer than that of OLin at 53.0 mm. Leaflet width of ARSOK-S1 averaged 28.0 mm which was not significantly wider than that of Tamspan 90 at 26.2 mm or OLin at 26.0. ARSOK-S1 plants mature in 120-135 days after planting under Oklahoma growing conditions. No significant differences in maturity were observed between ARSOK-S1, Olin, and Tamspan 90. Under Oklahoma growing conditions, pods of ARSOK-S1 are similar in reticulation to Tamnut OL06 and OLin. There was no significant difference [LSD (0.05) = 4.1, n = 50] in the pod constriction of OLin (9.2 %), Tamspan 90 (12.8%), and ARSOK-S1 (10.2 %). Most pods of ARSOK-S1 are two seeded similar to that of Tamnut OL06 and OLin. One hundred seed weight of ARSOK-S1 was 47.6 g which is similar to Tamnut OL06 (49.5) but significantly more than OLin (38.6), with a LSD of 1.5 g. ARSOK-S1 has a desirable shelling profile similar to that of Tamspan90.