Stock NamePI 670460
Other Name(s)NuMex-01
Stock typeAccession
Market typePEANUTS
OrganismArachis hypogaea (Cultivated peanut)
GRIN Global accessionPI 670460
Geographic locationGIS
Description''NuMex 01'' (Reg. no. CV _, PI ) is a high oleic Valencia peanut (Arachis hypogaea L. subsp. fastigiata var.\nfastigiata) cultivar, developed by the New Mexico Agricultural Experiment Station and released on September 17, 2013.\nNM Valencia A and Brantley were originally crossed in the greenhouse in 2007 and 12 F1 seeds were planted during the\n2007/2008 winter nursery at the Illinois Crop Improvement Association farm in Juana Diaz, Puerto Rico. One hundred and\neighty-six F2 plants were harvested individually and progeny-row tested at the New Mexico State University, Agricultural\nScience Center at Clovis, NM during 2008. Segregants with the Valencia phenotype (Le., plants having 3-4 seeds per pod\nand red seeds) were individually selected at harvest. About five to ten seeds of each F2 plant were bulked and sent to a\nprivate lab. J. Leek and Associates in Edenton, North Carolina for fatty acid profile analysis using gas chromatography\naccording to the Fatty Acid Methyl Ester (FAME) method (Zeile et aI., 1993). Only seeds with an OIL ratio of >10:1were\nselected as high OIL ratio type segregants (Lopez et aI., 2000) and were advanced to the F3 and F4 generations. Seeds of\nthe selected F2 plants were advanced to F3 progenies at Juana Diaz, Puerto Rico during winter 2008-2009, and individual\nF3 progeny rows were bulk harvested using the single seed descent method. The F4 progenies were grown at the New\nMexico State University, Agricultural Science Center at Clovis, NM during the 2009 crop season. The F4 progenies were\nplanted in 3.65 m long rows with 0.91 m spacing between rows at a density of 19.7 seeds m-1. Phenotypically uniform\nprogenies with high OIL ratio, 3-4 seeded pods, seed size, testa color, growth habit, maturity. pod yield, and grade\ncharacteristics were bulked as pure line for subsequent preliminary yield tests.