Stock NameK30076
Stock typeCultivar
Market typeunspecified
OrganismArachis ipaensis (Arachis ipaensis)
DescriptionSpecies described by Krapov. and W. C. Gregory. Accession maintained in Active Germplasm Bank of Embrapa Genetic Resources and Biotechnology (Cenargen, Brasilia, Brazil) by Jose FM Valls. A. ipaensis K30076 was collected by A. Krapovickas, W.C. Gregory, D.J. Banks, J.R. Pietrarelli, A. Schinini and C.E. Simpson in 1977, and is the only available accession in germplasm collections worldwide. It originated from the same collection site as the holotype of this species, the species' only known site of occurrence, ~30 km north of Villa Montes, Bolivia. Plants have been maintained in pollinator-proof greenhouses.

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Stock NameUnique NameSpeciesType
BB_A.ipaensis_x_A.magna_bBB_A.ipaensis_x_A.magna_bArachis spp.Cultivar