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PeanutBase and the Peanut Genomics Initiative

The peanut genome is being sequenced and analyzed as part of the Peanut Genomic Initiative, in order to accelerate breeding progress and get more productive, disease-resistant, stress-tolerant varieties to farmers. The strategy to sequence the tetraploid peanut genome will make use of the sequences of the diploid progenitors (being sequenced now) to help identify and assemble the similar chromosomes in cultivated peanut. This strategy will also better enable breeders and scientists to make use of greater genetic diversity in the close relatives of peanut. This website will be a primary entry point for researchers and breeders to access peanut genetic and genomic data.

Status and news - April, 2014

Peanut Genome Consortium (PGC) has completed draft genome assemblies for the diploid progenitors of peanut, Arachis ipaensis and Arachis duranensis. These are available via our Genomes page.

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New maps are available here (in coordination with LIS).
QTLs search interface is here; most are viewable on the consensus maps above.

New - September, 2013

New - July-Aug, 2013

New - June, 2013

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This resource is being developed for U.S. and international peanut researchers and breeders, with support from The Peanut Foundation and the many contributors that have made the Peanut Genomics Initiative possible.

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