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Peanut meeting reports and information

These pages contain the archives that were previously available at the Peanut Bioscience website:

International Peanut Genome Initiative (IPGI) and Peanut Genome Consortium (PGC) meetings

Advances in Arachis through Genomics and Biotechnology (AAGB) conference archives

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  • APRES 2018: American Peanut Research and Education Society, July 10-12, Williamsburg, VA


  • APRES 2017: American Peanut Research and Education Society, July 11-13, Albuquerque, NM.
  • PAG 2017: Plant and Animal Genome Conference, January 14-18, San Diego, CA.
    • PeanutBase: A Genomic and Genetic Data Resource to Support Crop Improvement in Peanut Poster


  • PAG 2016: Plant and Animal Genome Conference, January 9-13, San Diego, CA.
    • PeanutBase: A Resource for Peanut Researchers and Breeders Poster
  • APRES 2016: July 12-14, Clearwater, FL
    • PeanutBase: the Genomic Portal for Arachis Poster
  • PGC meeting 2016: Dec 5-6, Washington DC
    • a Peanut Genetic and Genomic Toolbox Presentation


  • PAG 2015: Plant and Animal Genome Conference, San Diego, CA.
    • QTL standards talk in Phenotype workshop Presentation
    • Use of Tripal for legume sites talk in Tripal workshop Presentation


  • GWC 2014: George Washington Carver Symposium, Ames, IA. April 23, 2014. Abstract and poster.
  • ICLGG 2014: 7th International Conference on Legume Genetics and Genomics, Saskatoon, Canada. July 6-11, 2014. Abstract and poster.
  • AAGB 2014: Advances in Arachis through Genomics & Biotechnology, Savannah GA, November 10-14, 2014.
    Presentation, hands on tutorial, abstract and poster.


  • AAGB 2013: Advances in Arachis through Genomics & Biotechnology, Zhengzhou, China, June 17-21, 2013.
    Presentation, A first look at the “Peanut Genomic Toolbox.”

About PeanutBase

PeanutBase is the community resource for the international peanut research and breeding community. PeanutBase is funded by the Peanut Foundation and the many donors to the International Peanut Genome Initiative.

PeanutBase advisory committee
Josh Clevenger, Chair - Mars Corporation
David Bertioli - University of Georgia
Kelly Chamberlin - USDA, Wheat, Peanut, and Other Field Crops Research, Stillwater, OK
Manish Pandey – ICRISAT, India
Mary Schaeffer – MaizeGDB emeritus, USDA and University of Missouri
Ray Schnell - Mars Corporation
Shyam Tallury - USDA, Plant Genetic Resources Conservation Unit, Griffin, GA.

2017 advisory committee report

PeanutBase personnel

Ethy Cannon, Iowa State University, lead and software developer
Steven Cannon, USDA-ARS, biologist
Wei Huang, Iowa State University, bioinformaticist
Scott Kalberer, USDA-ARS, data curator
Paul Otyama, Iowa State University, PhD student


Sudhansu Dash, National Center for Genomic Resources, data curator and developer